China International Import Expo

High Quality, High Taste, High Specification!

A Number of Innovative Services Support CIIE, Shanghai Cultural and Tourism Sectors Go All Out

During November 5-10, 2022, the 5th China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in Shanghai. A total of 145 countries, regions and international organizations participated in this year's CIIE, including more than 280 Fortune Global 500 companies and industry leaders. Nearly 90% were frequenters. The accumulated transaction value of the first four CIIE reached more than 270 billion US dollars.

The 5th CIIE opened on November 4. Shanghai cultural and tourism sectors went all out and launched a number of innovative initiatives to support CIIE with good services, striving to make CIIE a success, so that visitors to CIIE and citizens of Shanghai can experience high-quality cultural and tourism services, so as to fully demonstrate Shanghai's pursuit of urban beauty, high taste and warm expression.

Careful curation and innovative promotion

Demonstrate a high-taste urban image

CIIE is like a "reception room for the world". On this platform, cultural and tourism elements connect China to the world with their own power. At the 5th CIIE, the wonderful promotional activities for Shanghai's cultural and tourism sectors told the "Shanghai Story" to the world.

The promotional materials for Shanghai's cultural and tourism sectors were exquisite in making and diverse in content. Practical and traditional Shanghai intangible cultural heritage and glamorous artistic performances jointly highlighted different sides of Shanghai. Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek created a reception room for the city. Stories of Shanghai Architecture were embedded in the scenes of everyday life in Shanghai. Good Places on the Doorstep enabled a quality life. The beauty of the city was brilliant. All kinds of delicious food bounced on the tip of the tongue. It was as if a vivid Shanghai was brought to the site of CIIE and further demonstrated its image as a high-quality world-renowned tourist city shared by both local citizens and visitors.

Institutional innovation and policy support

Build a high-specification art communication platform

The 5th CIIE overlapped Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week. Supported by various policies and measures, as a major trade fair during Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week, the cultural relics and art section of the 5th CIIE was moved to the exhibition area for consumer goods. The exhibition was larger in scale, with a more diverse collection of exhibits, a higher quality and a better exhibition effect.

12 overseas cultural relics and art trading agencies from 5 countries and regions such as the UK, the USA and Hong Kong of China, including Christie's, Sotheby, and Phillips, took part in the 5th CIIE. The exhibition area was nearly 2,500 square meters. 82 exhibits were on display, worth about ¥124.6 billion in total. Among the cultural relics on display in this year's CIIE, there were also works by Chinese and foreign art masters, such as Wu Guanzhong, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Pierre Bonnard, Edvard Munch. In Addition, works by contemporary artists, such as Mark Rothko, KAWS, Marc Chagall, Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, were also on display in the cultural relics and art section of the exhibition area for consumer goods.

The high-quality service experience attracted more international cultural relics and art agencies to the 5th CIIE, built a Shanghai platform for international cultural relics and art trading, and enhanced the global resource allocation capability of Shanghai in the field of cultural relics and art trading.

Sincere services deliver goodwill

Provide high-quality accommodation

To provide high-standard and high-quality accommodation for the 5th CIIE, and make CIIE high-level, fruitful and better with first-rate urban services, on the basis of consolidating and deepening the good experience and good practice in providing accommodation for the first four CIIE, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism mobilized local hotels to implement the four service initiatives, i.e. epidemic control, online reservation, check-in, atmosphere creation, under the theme "Sincere Services Deliver Goodwill", striving to create a new benchmark for accommodation services.

At the same time, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism and Shanghai Tourism Trade Association also hired hotel service quality inspectors to further help hotels provide "thoughtful, reassuring, comfortable" services for CIIE and improve accommodation and hospitality services through inspection.

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