Shanghai Tourism Festival

Shanghai Tourism Festival has been held for 33 consecutive years without interruption

It always accompanies citizens and visitors to beauty and joy

Tourism is the gateway to a traffic-based city and the engine of a service-oriented economy. It drives our city's economy. Fang Shizhong, director general of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, said: "tourism is a wonderful industry 'as expected'. This year, the impact of the pandemic on tourism has been unprecedented and far greater than expected. But we should also be aware that tourism is a great industry, a great livelihood and a great showcase. For our city, tourism is the gateway to a traffic-based city and the engine of a service-oriented economy. For citizens and tourists, the essence of tourism is to see a different sight, experience a different life, meet different friends, and find a different self. It brings physical and mental pleasure and spiritual abundance beyond material things. Tourism is of great significance and unique value to our city and people."

Shanghai Tourism Festival, which has been held for 33 consecutive years without interruption, is coming as promised in the golden autumn. This is not only the long-cherished wish of citizens and tourists, but also the ardent expectation of everyone working in the culture and tourism sector, as well as the persistence and pursuit of the administration of culture and tourism. Following the tenet of people's festival in the past 33 years, Shanghai Tourism Festival has become a domestically leading and internationally renowned tourism event. Recently, Shanghai Tourism Festival was certified as a "Shanghai Brand", becoming the first festival in China to pass the branded standardized service certification. The Shanghai Brand certification is not only a review of the achievements and service quality of Shanghai Tourism Festival over the years, but also an excellent practice of deep integration of culture and tourism for high-quality development under the requirements of the new development pattern.

Shanghai Tourism Festival evolves and innovates in the changing and unchanged

Constantly forging the core competitiveness of Shanghai tourism

Under the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the recovery and development of tourism is by no means a simple return to the past. Instead, the focus should be on people's new demands for tourist spending upgrades in the new era and the new requirements of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and building a competence system for the innovation, transformation, safety and resilience of Shanghai's tourism. According to research and analysis, there are three major changes in tourism demand. First, tourism destinations have changed from global travel to local travel and short-distance travel. Second, the travel mode has changed from group tours to family tours and customized tours. Third, tourism preference has changed from traditional sightseeing tours to leisure tours and deep tours. Such changes make us redefine the connotation and way of tourism.

Shanghai tourism is characterized by its urban, comprehensive and international nature. Every street, every Chinese parasol tree, every café, every concert hall, museum and art gallery are the advantages of Shanghai tourism. Historical buildings, walkable streets and enjoyable waterfronts give the city more "small but beautiful" new spaces for performing arts, new cultural sights, and good places for leisure. The theme of this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival is "The Most Shanghai, Suzhou Creek", aiming to start from the place with the most advantages and resources in Shanghai, constantly adapt to the new changes in tourism, and forge the core competitiveness of Shanghai tourism, so that foreigners see China, Chinese people see Shanghai, and Shanghai people see nostalgia through Shanghai Tourism Festival.

Shanghai Tourism Festival is on a new journey

Constantly building the big platform "Meet in Shanghai"

Shanghai Tourism Festival 2022 is held from September 17 to October 6. This year, Shanghai Tourism Festival will put into practice the concept of a people's city, shaping tourism by culture and displaying culture by tourism. The topic of "Meet in Shanghai" is to make good use of the big platform of Shanghai Tourism Festival to display Shanghai's urban cultural and tourism resources and give publicity to Shanghai's urban image. This year, as arranged by CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the theme of Shanghai Tourism Festival is "The Most Shanghai, Suzhou Creek". Through a 12-hour live broadcast focusing on the trial operation of Suzhou Creek Cruise by all media, new looks and new sights along Suzhou Creek after the connection of its shores are comprehensively and systematically introduced to citizens and tourists, providing citizens and tourists with more small and beautiful new spaces for performing arts, new cultural sights and good places for leisure.

This year's Shanghai Tourism Festival will focus on three major functions: benefit people, boost consumption and display image. Equal stress will be laid on online audience aggregation and offline tourist segmentation. The value and meaning of tourism is to comprehensively improve the festival's quality, fully benefit people's life, and thoroughly support urban development through economical consumption and citywide publicity. To sum up, this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival mainly has the following three highlights:

First, The Most Shanghai, Suzhou Creek. The city's heritage and cultural memory carried by Suzhou Creek are under the spotlight for the first time. With the opening of Suzhou Creek Cruise, in the form of a live broadcast by all media, onshore sights are linked by the cruise and shared by all, creating a visual tour guide for Suzhou Creek, accompanying citizens and tourists to visit, discover and read the city's stories flowing on Suzhou Creek together, and lighting up the city's "Waterborne Reception Hall".

Second, digitalization and integration. "Shanghai Online Shopping 917" promotional campaign is held for the first time. Top cultural and tourism enterprises and large online platforms are united to launch tour routes, attractions, events and festivals, performing arts and exhibitions, and other cultural and tourism products, to create a "spending season" for the recovery of the cultural and tourism market. Meanwhile, Shanghai Tourism Festival can accelerate business innovation, factor concentration and brand building in tourism, so as to form a number of new products of "culture and tourism +" and "+ culture and tourism".

Third, life in Shanghai. Ten Economical Tours are launched for the first time, namely Red Tour, Suburban Tour, Leisure Tour, Art Tour, Industrial Tour, Architecture Tour, Huangpu River Tour, Intangible Heritage Tour, Digital Tour, Nighttime Tour. Meanwhile, Shanghai Urban Archaeological Tour participated and shared by everyone allows citizens and tourists to walk in the city, discover its unusual sights, and share the reasons why they love Shanghai.

Shanghai Tourism Festival 2022 has the following parts:

First, "The Most Shanghai, Suzhou Creek", a 12-hour live broadcast by all media. The water quality of Suzhou Creek has been improved. The 42km shores have been connected. The potential of cultural and tourism resources on both sides of Suzhou Creek has been surveyed. The opening of Suzhou Creek for tourism is supported by the public. It's time to develop tourism on Suzhou Creek. We jointly planned "The Most Shanghai, Suzhou Creek", a 12-hour live broadcast by all media, with Shanghai Media Group. In the form of a Shanghai Urban Archaeological Tour, the live broadcast shows the vivid sights along Suzhou Creek through a 12-hour long shot. We found that the five districts along Suzhou Creek have their own features. Linked by Suzhou Creek, they converge into the unique charm of Shanghai culture. We summarized the features of the five districts. Huangpu features the Most Shanghai; Hongkou features the Shanghai Taste; Jing'an features the International Style; Changning features the Fashion Trend; Putuo features the Shanghai Life. These onshore resources accompany citizens and tourists to read the city's stories flowing on Suzhou Creek, creating a visual tour guide for sightseeing on Suzhou Creek.

Suzhou Creek Cruise was also launched on the opening day of the festival. It is currently in the first phase of trial operation. We will conduct full performance tests, safety tests and pressure tests for cruise ships and cruise routes according to river and hydrological conditions. Suzhou Creek tourism products will be introduced to the market in due course after adjustments and improvements based on trial operation. From Changfeng Park Terminal in Putuo District (temporary home port) to Bund Source Terminal in Huangpu District, the first route of Suzhou Creek Cruise is about 17km long. It takes about 2 hours to finish and passes Changhua Road Terminal in Putuo District and Joint Savings Bank Warehouse Terminal in Jing'an District. Three routes will be available in the future. First, the West Loop suitable for group tourists. The route is Changfeng Park Terminal-Changhua Road Terminal. It takes an hour to finish a one-way cruise. Second, the East Loop suitable for individual tourists. The route is Bund Source Terminal- Joint Savings Bank Warehouse Terminal- Changhua Road Terminal. The ship departs from one of the three terminals and returns to the departure terminal after a loop passing the three terminals. It takes an hour to finish the cruise. Third, the Customized Route suitable for suitable for leisure, parties, and business entertaining.

Second, "Shanghai Online Shopping 917" tourist spending season. The spending season will officially kick off on September 17, the opening day of Shanghai Tourism Festival. It consists of two parts, a live broadcast on September 17 and the "Starry Sky" live broadcasts on all platforms. On September 17, a 12-hour live broadcast will serve as the kick-off of this spending season. It consists of a livestream marketing session and a tourism promotion session. The livestream marketing session will start at 10:00 a.m. on September 17. Nearly 100 key cultural and tourism enterprises and mainstream online platforms will present their economical products. The tourism promotion session will be broadcast live through the TV channel, video account, Alipay account of "Meet in Shanghai", to show the new features, new experiences and new ways of this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival. From September 17 to October 6, "Starry Sky" live broadcasts will be available on all platforms. The audience can not only participate in topic discussions and learn about the city's historical and cultural features, but also enjoy user benefits, coupons, free orders, free hotel stays, and other surprising gifts.

Third, Ten Economical Tours. During this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival, the city's districts and market players have carefully designed nearly 200 themed activities to bring wonderful cultural and tourism experiences to the public. The Ten Economical Tours are respectively the Red Tour of red landmarks; the Suburban Tour of natural scenery; the Leisure Tour of five new towns; the Art Tour of museums; the Industrial Tour to learn science; the Architecture Tour to feel Shanghai; the Huangpu River Tour to taste Huangpu River; the Intangible Heritage Tour to appreciate Shanghai culture;The Digital Tour integrating Internet+ Culture and Tourism; the Nighttime Tour of cultural venues and tourist attractions.

Fourth, The Most Shanghai Index for urban culture and tourism will be released on October 6, the closing day of Shanghai Tourism Festival, aiming to further guide consumption, promote economic revitalization and increase urban vitality through tourism. This index pays full attention to the functional and cultural role played by popular attractions, trying to explore the intersection of culture and market. More than 300 popular attractions along Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek were recommended by all districts, including old buildings, popular new buildings, art galleries, bookstores, saloons, cafés, creative parks, night markets, commercial centers, which can fully meet the needs of citizens and tourists in terms of food, accommodation, mobility, travel, shopping and entertainment, and enrich people's cultural life experience. These high-quality cultural and tourist attractions also show Shanghai's cultural and artistic heritage and urban soft power, guide citizens and tourists to feel the city in history and at present. Classic buildings and public art spaces give Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek a brand new cultural label, showing Shanghai's unique urban appearance and aesthetic attitude.

Cultural and tourism consumption boomed during the three-week Shanghai Tourism Festival, with the city's tourist attractions recording 10.67 million visits, said the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

During the tourism festival from September 17 to October 6, the occupancy rate of hotels in Shanghai reached 54 percent, 7 percentage points higher from the previous month.

The total amount of consumer transactions on cultural and tourism-related products and services in Shanghai exceeded 74.3 billion yuan (about US$10.5 billion), according to the Shanghai branch of card payment giant China UnionPay.

Reservations on tours to Shanghai's suburban areas increased 200 percent year on year during the National Day holiday, featuring camping and other multiple choices for urbanites.

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