Shanghai Tourism Festival

Under the strong leadership of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, on the premise of ensuring public health and safety, as required for overall consideration of epidemic prevention and control and cultural and tourism development, focusing on the important concept of people's city, this year's Shanghai Tourism Festival specially launched the annual theme of "Stories of Shanghai Architecture, Mini Tours of the City", realized the goal of"safety and good order, breakthrough and iteration, great supply and demand, enjoyment for citizens and tourists", and expressed the new pattern of culture and tourism characterized by "new way, new integration, new consumption, new display" with a creative approach.

From Sept. 17 to Oct. 6, the 32nd Shanghai Tourism Festival received 26.4228 million citizens and tourists. The major tourist attractions received 16.23 million visitors. The hotel occupancy was 54%, up 14% month on month. The consumer transactions in tourism, catering, and entertainment tickets in Shanghai totaled ¥36.08 billion, up 8.7% month on month.

This year's Shanghai Tourism Festival launched a series of new products and new events related to "Stories of Shanghai Architecture". "Stories of Shanghai Architecture" 24h omni-media live streaming was successfully presented. The Top 10 Recommended Routes of "Stories of Shanghai Architecture, Mini Tours of the City" were rated and selected. The first "Stories of Shanghai Architecture" Special Bus Line was opened. The first "Stories of Shanghai Architecture" Creative Souvenirs were launched. The first Top 20 Most-Talked-About Buildings in Shanghai were selected.

Top digital cultural and tourism companies jointly launched the online "Tour of Shanghai", and presented four key sections and 22 featured events focusing on the themes of Huangpu River and Soochow Creek, Country Parks, Five New Towns and so on, which got 1.17 billion hits in total. The deep integration of online and offline expanded and strengthened the online presence of Shanghai culture and tourism.

Shanghai Tourism Festival's iconic parade returned after a one-year suspension. This year, it was presented creatively through Shanghai Tourism Live "Parade Online". 17 floats from the Yangtze River Delta and other provinces and cities in China were live streamed and promoted online at Jinshan City Beach, Qingpu Oriental Land, and other places.

This year's cultural and tourism benefits were substantial and extensive. A total of 82 tourist attractions, museums, art galleries and Huangpu River Cruise offered half-price from Sept. 17 to 24, hitting a new high. The number of tourists increased significantly, and the service quality improved significantly. A series of "discounted shopping", "discounted tours" and "discounted trips" also promoted new cultural and tourism consumption.

It was also a good way to feel the beauty of the Huangpu River from a different angle, taste the Huangpu River and get to know Shanghai through the five senses of sight, taste, hearing, smell, and touch.

"Legendary Shanghai" brought a series of legends and specialities from famous hotels in Shanghai, inviting citizens and tourists to "admire the sea, taste legendary food", and feel the unique cultural heritage and charm of Shanghai in an exquisite and elegant environment.

"Shanghai Gifts" brand and "Preferred Shops" were rated and selected. 124 shops and more than 1,000 products in 14 categories in the city were rated. In the end, 59 gift shops were selected as Preferred Shops for Shanghai Gifts, and 245 products from 77 enterprises were selected as goods under the brand Shanghai Gifts. These products and shops began to use the unified "Shanghai Gifts" logo.

Three hot topics were specially planned, namely "Popular Spots along Huangpu River and Soochow Creek", "Reasons to Like Shanghai", "Nice Places on Your Doorstep", to discover the unique scenery in "Lanes and Alleys" and experience the wonderful life in "the Depths of Chinese Parasol Trees" through storytelling, sightseeing and enjoyment by all by means of close slow mini tours.

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