Longhua Martyr's Cemetery

Location:No.180 West Longhua Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai



Come here with a sense of reverence. The Longhua Martyrs Cemetery opened on May 27, 1994, and officially opened on July 1, 1995. Its Memorial opened on May 28, 1997. The cemetery has memorial, prospecting, monument garden, ruins, martyr tombs, righteous places and underground passages, youth education activities and recreation areas. Red Rock, Entrance Square, Former Famous Building, Memorial Bridge, Memorial Square, Monument, Memorial Hall, Unknown Martyrs Mausoleum and a series of other buildings are situated orderly on the North-South main axis of the cemetery. Longhua Martyrs Memorial Hall is also located in Longhua Martyrs Cemetery. It contains graveyards, monuments and memorial sculptures of the early important leaders and revolutionaries of the Communist Party of China who were killed in Longhua and its vicinity. It epitomizes the centuries of storms and hardships in China.



Zip Code



Line 11 Longhua Station

Business hours

06:00-17:30 (17:00 stops entering and 17:30 clears)

Suggeted Duration

Half a day

Best Aspects

Entrance Square, Garden Famous Building, Memorial Bridge, Memorial Square, Monument, Memorial Hall, Tomb of the Unknown Martyrs

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