Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu


Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu

A bird's-eye view of the Qingpu section of 318 National Highway

Eight tourist routes that allow visitors to experience Jiangnan (regions to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) spring scenery, its profound culture, and the fun of shopping have been unveiled to mark the Qingpu Tourism Day.

The 318 (March 18) Qingpu Tourism Day originates from the 318 National Highway that starts from People's Square in downtown Shanghai in the east and stretches to Shigatse, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, in the west.

It is known as the most beautiful national highway of China.

The Huqingping Highway, the Qingpu section of 318, stretches 47.5 kilometers.

Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu

Lavender fields in Qingpu

Meanwhile, Shanghai Songze Heritage Site Museum, 31.8 kilometers from the People's Square, is listed as a must-visit spot of 318 Highway in Qingpu.

Archeological discoveries in Songze Village show that Shanghai's civilization dates back 6,000 years.

The district's culture and tourism authorities are inviting expats and overseas travelers to appreciate the spring beauty along the 318 National Highway. These eight routes range between half and three days in duration.

Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu

A rustic water tour

An archeological trip will allow people to explore the roots of Shanghai. The route includes a stop at Qingpu Museum where about 60 woodcut, ink-wash paintings and calligraphy works of Shu Minghao, a woodcut artist born in the district, are on display.

A journey in Qingpu New City links Qingpu Library on the bank of Xiayang Lake, Zhidao Academy of Classical Learning and Shanghai Qushui Garden.

A cycling route has been designed for sports lovers, taking them around interlaced river courses and savoring the enchanting sunset scenery of the Water City Gate spanning Dianpu River and Caogang River.

Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu

A tree-lined part of the Qingpu section of 318 National Highway

The most romantic Jiangnan spring scenery is on show with the fully blooming of magnolia in Liantang Ancient Town, in the ripples from boats rowed in Jinze Ancient Town, and with the aroma of a cup of coffee in Dongxi Village.

The Caibang Village on the bank of Dianshan Lake is the exact place to sink your teeth into tabing, a sweet, juicy cake and a spring delicacy, and sip apo tea, a tradition of gathering for grannies that has been passed down for over 700 years.

Get in the fast lane to appreciate beauty of Qingpu

Water City Gate

Some of the routes

1. Exploring the roots of Shanghai

Qinglong Pagoda - Qingpu Museum - Shanghai Songze Site Museum - Fuquanshan Site (dubbed "a chronicle of Shanghai history") - Zhangyan ancient village cluster.

2. Learning the culture of Qingpu

New City Qingpu Library - Qingpu Museum - Qingxi Garden - Shanghai Qushui Garden.

3. Cycling around Qingpu

Xiayang Lake Park - Lianyi Loquat Park - Qingxi Garden - Water City Gate.

4. Enjoying Jiangnan spring scenery

Liantang Ancient Town - Qingxi Country Park - Lianhu Village - Jinze Ancient Town - Dongxi Village - Yuandang Bridge - Shanghai Daguanyuan - Caibang Village.

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