Temporary road closures for Shanghai marathon this weekend


Road closures for 2022 Shanghai Marathon

Some roads in Shanghai will be temporally blocked during this weekend for the upcoming 2022 Shanghai Marathon, which will be held on Sunday.

Some traffic bans will be implemented from Saturday to Sunday.

From 4pm on Saturday to 7pm on Sunday, vehicles and pedestrians will not be allowed to use the sections of Longqi Road and Yunxiu Road surrounded by Longyao, Yunjin and Longlan roads as well as Longteng Avenue.

From 10pm on Saturday to 2pm on Sunday, Longlan Road and Longteng Avenue near Yunjin Road and Longyao Tunnel will be closed.

From 10pm on Saturday to 8am the next day, vehicles and pedestrians will be blocked from the sections of Nansuzhou Road, Beijing Road E., Dianchi Road, Tianjin Road, Nanjing Road E., Hankou Road and Jiujiang Road between Zhongshan Road E1 and Jiangxi Road M.

More roads will be closed on Sunday.

From 4:30am to 8am on Sunday, Jiangxi Road M. and Sichuan Road M. between Yan'an Road E. and Nansuzhou Road, will ban traffic, along with Waibaidu Bridge, Zhapu Road Bridge as well as Sichuan Road Bridge.

During the same period, Zhongshan Road E1 between Waibaidu Bridge and Dongmen Road will only allow pedestrians.

From 6:30am to 8am, the Yan'an Elevated Road off-ramp at Jiangxi Road will be closed, as will Yan'an Road E. between Zhongshan Road E1 and Henan Road M.

From 6:50am to 8:30am on Sunday, the Henan Road S. exit of the Renmin Road Tunnel will be closed.

From 7am to 8:30am, the Yan'an Elevated Road off-ramp at Huashan Road will be closed, as will the North-South Elevated Road off-ramp at Huaihai Road from 7:15am to 9am.

From 7:30am to 11:30am, the Longhua Road E. exit of the Xizang Road S. Tunnel will be closed.

From 8am to 2pm on Sunday, the Yunjin Road exit and entrance of the Longyao Road Tunnel will be closed.

Also, from 7am to 1:40pm, other streets where runners will pass will also be closed.

All races will start from the Bund, and the marathon will pass by major landmarks including the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall, Huaihai Road, Jing'an Temple and Longhua Temple, finishing at the Xuhui riverside.

Source: SHINE

Editor: Yang Meiping

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