Listen to song of the Yangtze River at museum


A song of the Yangtze River is playing in Shanghai, providing a panoramic view of the diverse ecosystem of the mother river of China.

"The Song of River" exhibition opened on Sunday at the Shanghai Natural History Museum to help raise public awareness about environment protection after the Chinese paddlefish was officially declared extinct.

A woman visits the exhibition.(by Jiang Xiaowei)

The Yangtze River, the world's third longest, runs for more than 6,300 kilometers from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to its Shanghai estuary.

Notably, the Yangtze River Basin covers about 1.8 million square kilometers, more than one fifth of the country's total area.

The basin is home to nearly 450 million people, about 35 percent of the country's total population. It boasts some of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world as the river runs through mountains, forests and plains.

Scenes of habitats of endangered species are reconstructed.(by Jiang Xiaowei)

Specimens and models of endangered species such as the Tibetan fox, golden snub-nosed monkey and bar-headed goose are displayed in scenes that are reconstructed from their habitats in Sanjiangyuan National Park, Giant Panda National Park, Tian'ezhou Yangtze White-fin Porpoise Nature Reserve and Chongming Dongtan Natural Nature Reserve.

There are also photos, documentary videos and sound recording showcasing the heroic efforts to restore the ecosystem of the river.

The exhibition, held by the museum in cooperation with Chinese National Geography Channel and Lenovo will run to November 10 at the museum's B2 floor on 399 Shanhaiguan Road in Jing'an District.

A woman listens to bird songs.(by Jiang Xiaowei)

Source: SHINE

Editor: Xu Qing

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