Smart pandemic control solutions unveiled in cultural and tourism venues


Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism has introduced a new venue QR code system in city's cultural and tourism institutions for health code scanning, ID verification and temperature measurement to ensure public safety.

Cultural and tourism institutions in the city include public venues such as libraries, culture centers, museums, art galleries, community centers and tourism information service centers, as well as business venues including hotels, major scenic spots, theaters and internet cafes, and entertainment sites.

Upon entering any of these facilities, visitors are required to scan the venue QR code using their Suishenban, WeChat or Alipay apps. The system will then automatically check each individual's health records to determine if entry is allowed. Visitors will need to show venue staff the result of the check.

Then visitors need to click on the "visitors" button on the bottom left corner of their personal QR health code on the Suishenban app and enter the service page offered by the city's culture and tourism authorities to complete registration.

People who already made reservation through Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism's WeChat service account "Leyou Shanghai" can enter the venue after reservation check at the entrance.

Elderly citizens, children and people with special needs can have their ID and health information manually registered offline.

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