On Nurses Day, Minhang remembers the hardworking nurses.


Six artworks about medics working in hospital wards and neighborhoods were presented to medical teams in Minhang District.

On Thursday, the 111th International Nurses Day, greetings and appreciation were given to medical personnel who traveled from all around China to help Shanghai fight the newest outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a ceremony in Minhang District, where district top leaders welcomed medical representatives with great respect.

Six paintings depicting supportive medics working in hospital wards and communities were handed to medical teams helping out in the district.

At the invitation of the district's cultural and tourism office, Wang Jiafang, a well-known artist and staff member of the Shanghai Research Institute of Literature and History, created the artworks.

Six teams, totaling 681 medical personnel, have arrived in Minhang from the Inner Mongolia region, and Shanxi and Guizhou provinces.

They include Cheng Guiping, the head nurse of the No. 1 facility affiliated with Baotou Medical College in Inner Mongolia, who has experience in dealing with COVID-19 patients. She spoke at the event through a video call.

"We sensed our mission when we observed Shanghai's desolate streets," Cheng told the audience. "By caring for the sick and weak and fighting the pandemic, we will continue to try our hardest to live up to Florence Nightingale's spirit. Shanghai, I trust, will triumph in the struggle, and we will return home safely."

At the ceremony, they also unveiled a video documenting their efforts in Shanghai.

"This year's International Nurses Day is unique because so many nurses are battling together in Shanghai," said Wang Long, the chief of Shanxi Province's 11th supporting medical team. "When the pandemic is over, we're looking forward to celebrating a triumph."

Source: SHINE

Editor: Yang Meiping

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