Art exhibition promote the city's spirit


Art exhibition promote the citys spirit
Ti Gong

Visitors play interactive games at the new art exhibition at Columbia Circle on Wednesday.

New art installations were launched at the Columbia Circle in Changning District on Wednesday to promote the city’s spirit of persistence and resilience.

The “Steel Plant” exhibition features interactive facilities such as drums, exercisers, a wish blessing wall and as a food and drinks bar. Residents and tourists are invited to complete four challenges to cheer themselves up in winter. The exhibition will open to the public free between 11am and 8pm through February 3.

They can illuminate an art installation with dragons and tigers by striking drums in front of the former Navy Club, once a gathering and social place for Americans.

They are encouraged to do exercises on outdoor spin bikes or elliptical machines, as well as speak their new year wishes at another installation which will create colorful bubbles.

Art exhibition promote the citys spirit
Ti Gong

Visitors take part in interactive games at the new art exhibition at Columbia Circle on Wednesday.

After completing the challenges and games, visitors can win credits to exchange for small gifts or drinks and food at the bar.

The exhibition aims to empower the historical architecture with vitality and life, according to Vanke, operator of the renovation project.

The Columbia Circle project is owned by the Shanghai Institute of Biological Products on Yan’an Road W. near Panyu Road. The former lab and office buildings have been converted into a complex with popular bookstores, cafés and art exhibitions.

Three historical structures — Columbia Country Club, the Navy Club and a villa built for Dr Sun Yat-sen’s son Sun Ke — have been preserved and opened to the public.

Between 1927 to 1942, the country club was a gathering place for Americans. After World War II broke out in the Pacific, the site was taken over by the Japanese who used it as a transit camp for Allied nationals remaining in Shanghai.

Art exhibition promote the citys spirit
Ti Gong

An art installation in front of the Tsutaya bookstore is illuminated at night.

Source: SHINE

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