Spring in the air as festive spirit lights up New Year attractions


A spring flower show featuring more than 10,000 pots of peonies, tulips and azaleas starts on February 1 at the Chenshan Botanical Garden to celebrate the Spring Festival.

A woman tries out the cutting-edge VR technology in Shanghai Zoo on Thursday.

Nearly 200 attractions, museums and galleries across the city have activities and exhibitions ready to run through the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, both for those who chose to, or have to, remain in the city and for the tourists who come in increasing numbers at this time each year.

The pig is big this year, of course, and there will be plenty on show in the Xujiahui area in Xuhui District, together with a New Year bazaar.

On February 9, a walking tour will take visitors through the charm of garden villas on Wukang Road and Anfu Road, then on to Nanjing Rd W. and the Bund.

Shanghai Zoo in Changning District will host plenty of piggy activities from February 1. These include a science exhibition about suidae (pigs) and cultural activities including lectures, riddle contests, paper cuts, painting, VR experiences and games. There will be a competition for photos with even the most tangential of pig connotations.

A flower show featuring more than 10,000 pots of peonies, tulips and azaleas starts February 1 at Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District.

A red, pink, purple and white rhododendron display showcases some rare species combined with art such as Monet’s garden and Sanzio’s flower field.

Haichang Ocean Park in the Pudong New Area will host a circus, temple fair featuring nianhuo (New Year goods) and snacks, and marine animal shows. Craftsmen will show off their skills and marine animal “stars” will distribute red envelopes to visitors, followed by a float parade at night.

Chinese operas will be staged in Fengjing Water Town, Jinshan District, and traditional water town weddings will be held. The God of Fortune will greet visitors.

On Nanxiang Ancient Street in Jiading District, riddles and street art will accompany an exhibition replicating the scenes of old Shanghai.

Shanghai Fangta Park in Songjiang will host a bell-ringing ceremony, dough modelling, sugar painting and calligraphy.

At Zuibaichi Park in Songjiang, a photographic exhibition will be held and classic Kunqu opera performed.

At Shanghai Daguanyuan Garden in Qingpu District, the fictional residence of the rich family in the classic “Dream of the Red Chamber,” scenes from the novel will be played out, and Huju, Yueju and Kunqu operas will be staged.

Luodian Town in Baoshan District will be decorated with colorful lanterns.

The Shanghai Tower in Pudong will distribute free calligraphy of the character fu (fortune) to visitors and lion dances will be held.

The China Maritime Museum in Pudong has programs including paper cutting, traditional fragrant sachets, dough modeling, straw weaving and shadow plays.

Acrobats from Russia, Latvia and Ukraine will tumble for joy at Shanghai Happy Valley in Songjiang, with stilt shows and parades part of the celebrations. A Jiangzhou drum performance and street comic shows by overseas artists will be on offer as well.

A calligraphy exhibition will be held in Zhujiajiao Ancient Town in Qingpu District.

Zhoupu Flower Sea in Pudong will host exhibitions of paper umbrellas and hanfu (traditional Han Chinese dress).

Jinshanzui Fishing Village will be brought to life with colorful lanterns and Shanyang folk music.

A craftsman paints a pig balloon at the Shanghai Zoo to mark the Year of the Pig.

Source: SHINE

Editor: Wang Qingchu

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