Shanghai Astronomy Museum

Location:No. 380 Lingang Avenue, Nanhui New Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai



Shanghai Astronomy Museum is in Lin'gang Special Area. The floor space is about 38,000 square meters. Its design concept is "connecting people to the universe". Its mission is to stimulate people's curiosity. Its vision is to shape a complete view of the universe for people. The museum encourages people to feel the space, understand the universe and think about the future. The unique architectural design is derived from a formal abstraction of orbital motion, which not only presents an astronomical concept, but also literally tracks the movement of the sun in the sky, making the entire building a huge astronomical instrument that can represent the passage of time. Around the Summer Solstice in particular, the building's shadow overlaps with the markings on the ground, forming a solar term symbol.



Zip Code



Characteristic galleries: China Asks the Space, Planet of Curiosity, Voyage to the Mars; 8K UHD multifunctional dome cinema, Space Salon, Wangshu Observatory, Xihe Solar Tower, Space Exploration Camp


Dishui Lake Station on Line 16



Business hours

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30-16:00 (entry stops at 15:00); closed every Monday, arranged separately on statutory holidays

Introduction of Conference Halls

Shanghai Astronomy Museum's design concept is: we're not writing a textbook, but creating an experience. There are three themed galleries, namely Home, Universe, Voyage, as well as characteristic galleries, namely China Asks the Space, Planet of Curiosity, Voyage to the Mars. The 8K UHD multifunctional dome cinema, Space Salon, Wangshu Observatory, Xihe Solar Tower, and Space Exploration Camp provide a panoramic view of the universe, and create a multisensory journey of exploration, to help viewers shape a complete view of the universe.


The museum uses its well-designed environment and atmosphere, lighting and sound effects and high-level scenario simulation methods to build an immersive space experiencing environment. Advanced display means such as motion sensing interaction, data visualization, AR, VR, biological recognition, etc. are adopted to integrate visual, auditory and tactile senses, fully arouse the viewers' emotions and senses, and lead them to obtain a brand-new experience of universe exploration in the mysterious, beautiful and unforgettable realm of time and space.

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