Duolun Road Cultural Celebrity Street

Location:Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai



Duolun Road was a place for hermits and heroes in modern Chinese history. It was also an important place for the cultural circles in the early 20th century. Many famous writers of modern times worked and lived here. During 1911-1949, many organizations appeared on Duolun Road, such as the Office of Sun Periodicals, Christian Church, Shanghai Art Troupe, China Art College, New China Troupe, Free Press. Some famous historical figures, such as Zhou Enlai, Guo Moruo, Zhang Zhijiang, Shi Liang, Chen Yi, Wang Zaoshi, also lived here. As a Cultural Celebrity Street, Duolun Road focuses on culture and display. The series of former residences of celebrities, cultural sites and art galleries along the road fully embody the cultural characteristics of Duolun Road.



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Rail transit: East Baoxing Road Station on Metro Line 3 / Hailun Road Station on Metro Line 4\'s Inner Loop and Metro Line 10; Bus: First North Zhongshan Road-Huayuan Road Stop on Line 829 / North Sichuan Road - Shanyin Road Stop on Line 47

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