Conference Ambassador Program

Conference Ambassador Program

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What is an Ambassador

The market of conference tourism has always been regarded as a high-end tourist market, and the international conference industry is a rewarding industry bringing both economic and social benefits. Successful conferences can not only promote local academic fronts to the world's level, but also reap great economic benefits for the hosting city. Moreover, they can make their hosting city better well-known in the world. Attracting more international conferences to Shanghai cannot be solely achieved by one aspect of endeavor. It is a comprehensive and systemic task, which calls for the integration of the resources of the entire city and concerted efforts rendered by all walks of life.

Therefore, the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration (SMTA) developed the Conference Ambassador Program in 2006, a new initiative to formalize and cultivate the relationship between the SMTA and individuals who organize conferences in Shanghai on a voluntary, non-professional basis.

The Program recognizes the significant contributions of these "Conference Ambassadors", who will help develop Shanghai into a vibrant destination for international conventions. By creating a closer, more effective network of Conference Ambassadors, the Program facilitates the organizing of conferences in Shanghai – to the benefit of all parties. The Program seeks to make it as easy as possible to bring a conference to the city, from the creation of a tailored bid document through to venue selection and detailed conference organization.

Shanghai Conference Ambassadors are typically persons who are influential in their respective professional and industry associations, as well as being industry specialists. They may already have practical experience securing and organizing conferences in their chosen field, or have demonstrated the potential to do so.

In their ability to influence peers and promote locally held events, Conference Ambassadors often serve as spokespersons for Shanghai, especially while attending conferences and events overseas. They also serve a valuable role during the bidding process, where the local chapter of the international association is often required to lead the bid.

From the successful experience of countries and regions rich in hosting international conferences, the conference ambassadors are usually appointed by the city conference bureaux. In some countries and regions, the appointment of conference ambassadors has a long history. For instance, major cities in Britain and Ireland have adopted such kind of program during the past 10 years. There are 70 celebrities of various circles appointed as the conference ambassadors in Manchester. In Hong Kong, more than 900 persons have been appointed as conference ambassadors since 1994. Cardiff, capital of Welsh, has gained 2 million pounds of conference income since it adopted the conference ambassador program in 2003, and the number will continue to increase in the future.

In 2006, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration first initiated the "Shanghai Conference Ambassador" program in mainland China. With the support of the city's major colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions, by the year 2016, 104 experts, scholars and elites in different industries has appointed as the "Shanghai Conference Ambassador".

Become an Ambassador

Why you should become a Conference Ambassador

• Increase the profile and recognition of the University or your organization
• Enhance the reputation of your area of expertise
• Earn recognition from your professional colleagues
• Conferences can offer excellent networking opportunities, which can help form research partnerships, help secure future funding and establish worldwide links in the specialist field of the meeting.
• Access free and practical advice and support services that makes bidding for a conference much easier.
• Generate wealth creation for the services available in the region bringing economic benefit as well as increased exposure to Shanghai as a conference and tourist destination.
• Earn recognition from the City of Shanghai for your contribution

Membership of the Conference Ambassador Program is obtained either through exclusive invitation from the SMTA or with an industry nomination.

Would YOU consider become Shanghai's next Ambassador?

• Are you a member of a National or International Association? For example in the field of medicine, pharmaceutical industry, finance, academia or any specialization at all.
• Would you like to see an Asia – Pacific conference or a World Congress that you have attended over the last few years, come to Shanghai (especially now that the Shanghai government is going ahead with the building of another Convention Centre at the site of World Expo 2010)?
• Have you ever wondered how to go about getting a conference to Shanghai?
• Have you ever wondered, can it be done, who will help me, where will I start, what facilities are available, can Shanghai manage?
• Would you like to increase your contribution to the association and your profile by using your professional influence within your sector?
• Would you like to raise the profile of the conference within your association?
• Would you like a personally and professionally rewarding experience and one which will greatly benefit the economy of Shanghai and increase employment significantly?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, pick up the phone today and call the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration to find out how our FREE support and services can assist you in achieving this exciting goal.

Alternatively, we'd be happy to set up an appointment to come to see you in your place of work and at a time convenient to you.


Patrick Chen
Deputy Director
International Tourism Promotion Department
Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration
Tel: + 86 21 2311 5523
Fax: +86 21 6336 6972

Support for Ambassador

● Support to Secure a Conference

Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration will support Conference Ambassadors to secure a conference for Shanghai under the following criteria:

1. Support for a site inspection to Shanghai by decision makers. Free reception service for decision makers for inspecting Shanghai's qualification for hosting corresponding conferences.

2. Supporting letter from the director of Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration

3. Funding to design and produce bidding documents

4. Support with bid documents, supply of images, videos, DVDs, posters, etc.

● Support to a Conference

Once the conference is secured, the SMTA will support the organizers to a limited extent as follows:

1. Marketing the conference to delegates, support to local hosts attending conferences in intervening years to promote Shanghai, with print etc.

2. Contribute or support welcoming receptions for delegates in certain circumstances.

3. Shanghai tourist maps and guidebooks will be provided for conference delegates and Shanghai albums will be offered to VIPs.

An Ambassador's Mission

Mission: Conference ambassadors will try their best to promote Shanghai and introduce international conferences to be held in Shanghai

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