While we don't encourage visitors to drive in Shanghai, there are some times when driving in Shanghai cannot be avoided or makes sense for your trip. These tips for driving in Shanghai will help you save on parking, avoid getting tickets and make driving easier and safer if you're unfamiliar with driving in Shanghai.

1. Drive in Shanghai is not encouraged

Most visitors to Shanghai will be better served by taking a subway. Once you're in Shanghai, most people find that they don't need a car, because you can easily take taxis or the subway to get where you're going.

2. No Turn on Red

If you have still decided to drive in Shanghai, you should be aware that you can make a right on red (except in the instances where there is a sign indicating you cannot).

3. Watch out for Pedestrians

People are everywhere in Shanghai. While it might be illegal to jaywalk, people still do it, so keep your eyes out for people wherever you are driving, whether you're near a crosswalk or not.

4. Parking Fees

In most cases, in downtown Shanghai, garages will charge you 10 Yuan for the first hour and 5 Yuan for every following hour. Please ask for parking receipt tickets. When you park on streets, normally in downtown Shanghai, you will pay 15 Yuan for the first hour and 10 Yuan for every following hour.

Area Day Night
First Hour Every Following Hour
Downtown 15 10 10 per parking
Within Inner Ring Road 10 6 8 per parking
Between Inner Ring Road
and Outer Ring Road
7 4 5 per parking
Parking Fees on Streets Unit: YUAN

5. Stay Away from Fire Hydrants

You need to stay 30 meters away from fire hydrants when you park on the street. And they will ticket (or tow you) if you're parked within this limit of the fire hydrant.

6. Parking Tickets Happen 24/7

Whether it's the middle of the night or a Sunday afternoon, if you park illegally, you are very likely to get a ticket.

7. Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Whether you park in a garage or on the street, it can be tough to remember exactly where you parked when you return. Write down the floor number and number of your car (you can find this number on the ground) in a garage or the name of the street where you've parked, it will help you remember where your car is parked.

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