No.3 Girls’Middle School-A Secret Campus That Nurtures Independent Women

The Soong Sisters, Eileen Chang, Zhou Shuping, Gu Shengying and Huang Shuqin. No. 3 Girls' Middle School is indispensable in the heart of Shanghai people, with glory and glamor earned from the well-known names mentioned above. Among schools featuring alumni and celebrities, St. John's University will be included, and No. 3 Girls' Middle School is definitely on the list. Not to mention that the latter only recruited female, making it more awe-inspiring.

Architectural Information

Previously: McTyeire School

Currently: No. 3 Girls'Middle School

Year of Construction: 1917

Style: American Collegiate Gothic Style

Architect (construction investor): American Methodist Mission/ László Hudec

Address: No. 155 Jiangsu Road

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