Assembly of Mythical Beasts 2021

On July 17, Parent-Child Study and Gourmet Tour “An Assembly of Mythical Beasts” 2021 officially started at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. During the summer holiday, Parent-Child Study and Gourmet Tour “An Assembly of Mythical Beasts” hand in hand with Duxiaoman Technology provided families and teenagers with a cultural tour covering a family vacation, popularization of science, characteristic food, Chinese cultural and creative products, and time-honored brands. Many famous enterprises, attractions, performing arts venues and hotels in Shanghai also offered a variety of interesting activities for families and teenagers.

“An Assembly of Mythical Beasts” Parent-Child Study and Gourmet Market

In Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park’s Whale Market, Lingang Theme Week, Ningbo Theme Week, Nanjing Theme Week, and Shanghai Theme Week were created, with highlights every week. The Exploration for Mythical Beasts, Classes for Mythical Beasts, stylish food, Yangtze River Delta specialties, Chinese cultural and creative goods, and theme ice cream were delicious and enjoyable, making the summer holiday full of fun.

Exploration for Mythical Beasts

A dreamlike scene was created with lighting effects and 3D sets, bringing you to understand the "Mythical Beasts " in nature. Visitors could take photos and learn interesting knowledge.

Classes for Mythical Beasts

The section of "Study Tour of Yangtze River Delta" focused on Youth, Aesthetic Education, and Future-Orientation. Shanghai Pilot FTZ - Lingang New Area brought a number of study tour routes, such as Great Machine, Intelligent Technology, and Emerging Energy. Nanjing Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism brought study tours under four themes, i.e. History Textbook, Natural Classroom, Metropolis of Literature, and Plus Gameplay.

Chinese Cultural and Creative Goods and Theme Ice cream

Cultural and Creative Shanghai brought Chinese cultural and creative goods, there were interesting and meaningful. Visitors could also taste the theme ice cream from the Flower Expo, which was photogenic and delicious.

The First Youth Robot and Drone Invitational

The First Youth Robot and Drone Invitational opened on the morning of July 17. Nearly 200 teenagers participated in the fierce competition.

Sino-Japanese Youth Study Tour Summer Camp School Cultural Exchange 2021

Sino-Japanese Youth Study Tour Summer Camp School Cultural Exchange 2021 opened at the Affiliated School to Shanghai Theatre Academy in Minhang. Chinese and Japanese students together took part in the Ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of Shanghai-Nagasaki Friendship at Oriental Land on the evening of July 16, and "Shanghai Civic Culture Festival - Assembly of Mythical Beasts" held at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park on July 17, as well as various camping activities.

More Characteristic Events

Shanghai Airlines Holiday: participants took part in Changxing Island Water Summer Camp to strengthen their bodies and experience the new charm of outdoor sports

Ride on Hengsha Island: participants learnt to travel safely and independently

New Elocution: debate and speech courses improved participants' logic, writing, expression and appeal

Intelligent Technology: participants had a study tour of Lingang, visited voice-controlled elevators, self-driving cars and learnt about satellite Internet

Life Collection: discounted family gourmet holiday cultural and tourism products

Youxiake: edutainment on Open Days

Porsche Experience Center Shanghai: participants enjoyed the ultimate track experience and learnt about new automotive technology

G60 Technology Corridor: interactive art exhibition “Infectious Light”

ERA 2: participants experienced the spirit of China and the soul of Shanghai by watching the performance combining modern technology with Chinese acrobatic art

There was also the tour of LYFEN Snack Museum, "So Paper" Parent-Child Interactive Summer Experience Camp, Shanghai Happy Valley Electronic Music Festival, Jinjiang Amusement Park’s “Summer Light Meets the Future” Illumination Season, Jinmao Skywalk in the Sightseeing Hall on F88 of Shanghai Jinmao Tower, and the theme exhibition in the Sightseeing Hall of Shanghai Tower, etc.

Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Greenland Hotel and Tourism Group, Oriental Riverside Hotel Shanghai International Convention Center, Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor, and other famous hotels launched special parent-child rooms and food for the summer market.

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