The Choicest Rural Tourist Routes in China Released, with 19 Routes in the Yangtze River Delta on the List


In the season of harvest, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China jointly released 128 Choicest Rural Tourist Routes in China, including 19 routes from the Yangtze River Delta. There are colorful fields, rich harvests, folk customs...... Please take them all!


A Tour of the Coastal Countryside

A Discovery Tour of Luojing

A Harvest Tour of the Fields of Hope in Pujiang

A Gourmet Tour of Oranges, Crabs and Rice

An Exploratory Tour of Hengsha Island in Autumn

An Autumn Tour of Maotian Wetland


A Tour of the Golden Fields

A Countryside Tour of Xishan in Autumn

A 2-Day Autumn Countryside Tour of Golden Hopes

A Legendary Tour of the Authentic Countryside

A Leisurely Tour of the Countryside

An Exploratory Tour of the Source of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project


An Experience Tour of Harvesting and Fishing

An Experience Tour of the Unforgettable Golden Autumn

A Colorful Tour of Western Zhejiang

A Harvest Tour of Mulberry Fish Ponds

A Road Trip to Mountains in East China Sea During the Golden Week


An Experience Tour of the Autumn Harvest in the Countryside

An Experience Tour of the Joyous Harvest in the Countryside

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