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Shanghai Vogue Shops
● Feine Cashmere● Lee`s Decor
● Su Ren Handmade● Where What Who
● Mu Gallery
A Way Home
About:    old Shanghai in western style, furnigrayre, home decoration
Opening:    10:00-21:00
Annabel Lee
About:    Chinese style design, hand-made embroidery, home decoration
Add:    1 Lane, 8 Zhongshan Rd. (E1)
Tel:    +86 21 64458218
About:    The Buddha Art Exhibition Hall is located on the 2nd floor in Jade Buddha Temple.
Add:    170 Anyuan Rd.
Opening:    08:30-18:00
Tel:    +86 21 62663668
Culture Matters
About:    China`s most famous vintage footwear outlet. The shop carries around 70 designs of authentic Feiyue and Warrior sneakers. Most of the shoes are under RMB100 per pair.

Another outlets address:
NO.476 west Jianguo Rd, near Yueyang Rd (OPENING SOON)
NO.147 North Maoming Rd, Near Weihai Rd
NO.2 Lane 47. Changle Rd. near south Chengdu Rd
Add:    NO.15 Dongping Rd, near Hengshan Rd
Opening:    11:00 - 21:00
Tel:    13671882040
DEMETER Fragrance Library
About:    Demeter Fragrance Library, Inc. is a New York company that sells fragrances based on familiar, "everyday" scents, such as dirt, tomatoes, and chocolate chip cookies.

DEMETER bottles down-to-earth scents that evoke pleasant memories and experiences of everyday life. Demeter Fragrance Library is the real fragrances for real life.
Add:    Room 16, No. 274 Taikang Road (in Tianzi Workshop)
About:    Dutch Items Shanghai was founded to meet the growing demand for European-styled clothing and shoes. The concept for D.I.S was to make luxurious and sophisticated clothing available at an affordable price in the Shanghai market.
The D.I.S clothing is designed for the modern, stylish, urban woman, and the D.I.S clothing line was specifically designed to satisfy the need for clothing in western fit and sizes; sizes are offered from EU 34-46, UK 4-18, US 2-18.

Add:    Block K, Room 111, 376 Wukang Lu near Hunan Lu
Opening:    10:00-18:00 M-F & Sun; 10:00-19:00 Sat
Tel:    +86 21 61267661
Eden Home
About:    India, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, home products, decoration, DIY, transparent soaps
Add:    58 Huashi Rd.
Opening:    10:00-21:00
Tel:    +86 21 64698550
About:    lace, flowers home cloth decorations
Add:    225 Shanxi Rd.(S)
Tel:    +86 21 64151233
Feine Cashmere
About:    Feine Cashmere is a contemporary fashion boutique that fuses classic and sylish desigh with the luxury of cashmere.

Other branch:
Add: No. 392 Wukang Road, near Huaihai Road
Opening: 10:00-19:00 Everyday
Tel: +86 21 6437 3835

Add:    Kerry Parkside L 219B, No. 1378 Huamu Road, near Fangdian Road
Opening:    10:00-22:00 Everyday
Tel:    +86 21 5018 2730
Gui Ge Chinese Wind
About:    Chinese style design, house products, home decoration, and handicraft
Add:    1456 Fuxing Rd.(M)
Opening:    10:00-21:00
Home's Express
About:    Chinese silk, notebooks, photo albumes, photo frames, accessories, design made to order
Add:    89 xinhua Rd.
Opening:    10:00-22:00
Tel:    +86 21 62812995
I Life
About:    young designer, satin, Suzhou style embroidery, contemporary design, clothing, bags, jewelry, fashion accessories

Add:    828 Julu Rd.
Opening:    10:00-22:00
Tel:    +86 21 62494776
In sh
About:    Shanghai, younger designer, fashion boutique
Add:    220 Taikang Rd.
Opening:    10:30-21:00
In Style
About:    house products, home decoration, artifical flowers, vases

Add:    120 Tianlin Rd.(E)
Tel:    +86 21 64395323
IWAS design
About:    Chinese designer, home decoration, gifts

Add:    203 Danshui Rd.
Opening:    09:00-21:00
Tel:    +86 21 63843496
Jin Zhi Yu Ye
About:    traditional Chinese style, cheongsam, design made to order
Add:    72 Maoming Rd.(S)
Tel:    +86 21 64314398
Jo Ma Arts
About:    Tibet, India, Nepal, Tibetan girl, design, handicraft
Add:    Room 6, No.7 Lane, 210 Taikang Rd.
Opening:    11:30-21:00
Lee`s Decor
About:    This shop is filled with colorful handmade Chinese patterned handbags, lamps and many more goods to fill you home. Lee not only owns this shop but also exports her products to the US, Malaysia, Japan and Australia. It`s the perfect place to buy small souvenirs but also beautiful home accessories decorated with traditional Chinese patterns.
Add:    1038 Guyang Road
Opening:    9am - 7pm
Tel:    021-62199230
Mu Gallery
About:    With the majority of its clientele expats, Mu Gallery provides former French concession residents with a mix of home furnishing ranging from traditional antique Chinese pieces to modern European-influenced furniture. Many of the items have a distressed vintage look with a modern design and you can trust that all furniture brought in from all corners of China are of good quality, including the older, rarer cabinets from inner Mongolia which are a customer favorite.
Add:    36 Tai`an Rd
Opening:    10am - 6:30pm
Tel:    021-34281883
Paddy Field
About:    Southeast Asia, home decoration, furnigrayre
Add:    30 Hunan Rd.
Opening:    10:30-20:00
Tel:    +86 21 64375567
Q & W Design
About:    trendy and authentic Chinese style, clothing, accessories, home furnishing, gifts
Add:    No 15, Xintiandi North block, 181 Taicang Rd.
Opening:    10:00-22:00
Tel:    +86 21 63841601
Su Ren Handmade
About:    This small store sells high-quality leather for young urban professional. The Beijing-based Su Ren company has numerous Shanghai outlets and sells casual footwear, hand bags, briefcases and wallets. The 10-year-old company with a devoted client base imports leather from around the globe, from Europe to Australia and parts of Asia. Items are classic and unisex.
Add:    134 Xingeng Road
Opening:    10am - 10pm
Tel:    021-33686200
About:    leather, bags, shoes, stationary, leather arts, design, handicraft
Add:    No.90 Shaoxing Rd.
Tel:    +86 21 64332795
Where What Who
About:    This local boutique was established by fashion designers Bono Zhang and Danni Tang two years ago. Soon after their first store opened, the local fashion house was invited to participate in Shanghai Fashion Week in 2010 and was regarded as a "dark horse" by the media. The cuts play a key role in defining the brand`s style with black, white and grey as main colors. Their "Mad Mars" spring/summer collection, inspired by outer space, features futuristic looks and geometrical shap
Add:    No. 1, Lane 372, Xingguo Road
Opening:    11am - 9:30pm
Tel:    021-52306736
Yangyang's Chopsticks
About:    chopsticks, design, made to order
Add:    75 Xinhua Rd.
Opening:    10:00-22:00
Tel:    +86 21 55540102
About:    silver clay, design, DIY, silver products
Add:    45 Tianping Rd.
Opening:    13:00-22:00
Tel:    +86 21 62942845
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