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Shanghai Travel Tips

Entering Shanghai, you will immediately be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of a thriving city: its colours, its people, its futuristic skyscrapers and indigenous Shikumen houses. Check out this section before coming to Shanghai.

Traveler's Essentials
● General Information
   Shanghai Location
   Shanghai Population
   Shanghai Weather &
   Festivals & Holidays
● Consulates in Shanghai
● Visa in Shanghai
● Useful Phone Numbers
   in Shanghai
● Shanghai Dialect
● Q & A
Getting to Shanghai
● Shanghai Flights & Airport
● Flight Arrivals to Shanghai
● Flights from Shanghai
● Airways Information
● Distribution of Airlines
● Shanghai Airport Buses
● Airport - City Center
   Taxi Fares
● Cruise Passenger Terminal
● Shanghai Metro
● Shanghai Taxi
● Shanghai Railway
● Shanghai Tour Bus Center
● Cruise Ports
● Parking
● Shanghai Map
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