Shanghai Pudong Shangri-la Hotel: Crab Blowout

The golden autumn is the time for crab freaks. Guihualou’s Jinqiu Xieyan (Golden Autumn Crab Banquet) is a distinctive, well thought-out banquet offering based on seasonal crabs from Gaoyou Lake, reflecting the traditional culinary sophistication of the famous Huaiyang food.

An innovative creation of this season is “crab meat balls meets Spanish 5J ham”. After the crab meat balls (known as lion’s heads on Chinese menus) are stewed for 5 hours and a half, the Spanish 5J Cinco Jotas are added. The mixture features tender crab meat and tastes quite moderate. Another creation is “crab meat mixed with shredded huajiao (fish maw)” which features fresh and delicious crab meat, soft and gooey fish maw. The whole thing is flavorful and aromatic. There are other tonic offerings great for those looking for healthy and flavor-packed foods in the autumn.

The Banquet set starts from 498 RMB/person, including soup, dumplings and cakes all based on crab; fresh big crabs each weighing 150-500g purchased by the kitchen everyday are also served. Meanwhile, Guihualou also has an à la carte menu starting from 48 RMB/person and featuring many great crab-based options. A 10% service charge and a 6% value added tax are to be paid separately.

Guihualou, a Chinese restaurant at Shanghai Pudong Shangri-la hotel, specializes in Huaiyang food but some Sichuan and Shanghai dishes are also offered. It has won numerous awards since it started business. A famous Chinese eating establishment in Shanghai, the restaurant has been rated as “Best Chinese Restaurant” by some mainstream media like “Zhoumo Huabao” (China Pictorial) and “Great Foods and Fine Wines” – in 2016, the restaurant was again voted as the BEST 50 Chinese Best Restaurant by the “Great Foods and Fine Wines” magazine. Gao Xiaosheng, the restaurant’s executive chef, has experiences of cooking Huaiyang dishes of nearly 30 years.

Guihualou provides lunches and dinners. For reservations, call (86 21) 6882 8888 ext. 6888.

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