The Sweet Treasure of Seasonal Cantonese Cuisine at Shang-Xi


Hairy crab season is something that all real food-lovers, from diners to cooks and head chefs are waiting for all year around. There is nothing that quite matches the light, sweet tastes of hairy crab, and its ability to accompany a wide variety of different ingredients.

At Shang-Xi, our renowned chef Simon has considered the natural delicacy of hairy crab and created a menu that takes you on a culinary journey. From Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Crab Jus and Egg White, Baked Avocado and Crab Cream, Sautéed Fresh Crab with Conpoy and Eggs, and Oven-baked Crab Cream Puffs, this one-off menu is a truly fine way to sup the unique flavours of the hairy crab essences.

The chef’s autumn special menu also showcases crab cream in unison with flavours that aptly accompany. The result is the culmination of decades of cooking expertise simmered down into rich aromas and savoury splendour, only at the award-winning Shang-Xi.

For additional information or reservations, please call +86 21 2036 1310, or email

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