City reveals top souvenirs


Twenty-five souvenirs have been chosen as the 2019 Shanghai's best specialty products on Tuesday based on a public vote and evaluation by experts.

The event, in its second year, was organized by the Shanghai Consumer Council.

Among the winning souvenirs are a glass plate and a bracelet from Shanghai Museum, Kaikai silk scarves, White Rabbit candies, pankou (frog fasteners) bookmarks of Longfeng qipao, Xing Hua Lou qingtuan (green glutinous rice balls) filled with salted egg yolk and dried meat floss, Fenghua soap, mung bean cake of Longhua Temple and Park Hotel snacks.

A glass plate and a bracelet from Shanghai Museum are among the best specialty products.

The design of the glass plate is from silk tapestry in the museum's collection called "Ducks in a Lotus Pool." It was created by Zhu Kerou in the South Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The bracelet is decorated with geometric patterns from the museum's Chinese bronze and ancient civilization collection.

The 25 souvenirs were selected from 203 products by 96 companies, including 79 from 41 time-honored Shanghai brands.

Eighty-five entered a second round after an initial round of assessment by experts based on quality, brand culture and regional features, and online voting by 4.8 million consumers both at home and abroad picked 50 of them.

The final 25 were selected by experts and 60 consumers on Tuesday.

"These products have a strong Shanghai flavor and feature new techniques innovated by time-honored brands," said Tao Ailian, secretary-general of the council.

"Compared with last year, there is a broader range of products for this year's selection, featuring more cultural products apart from food," she said.

Sachets from Jiu He Tang, Meilin babaofan (steamed sweetened glutinous rice with eight different ingredients), Huili (Warrior Shoes), Li Gao Lu beverages from the Shanghai Old-Town Temple Restaurant, Xuhang straw weaving bags and shoes, and Jinfeng yellow wine were among the products that entered the final stage.

The souvenirs will be displayed at the upcoming second China International Import Expo.

Source: SHINE

Editor: Shen Ke

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