Old residential buildings on Duolun Road to get facelift


The historic Duolun Road in Hongkou District features the former residences of renowned writers like Lu Xun (1881-1936), Mao Dun (1896-1981) and Xia Yan (1900-1995).

Three old apartment buildings on the historic Duolun Road will be renovated to add to the ambiance of the heritage-listed area.

Two six-story and a five-story residential block in the 201 Duolun Road community will have their appearance refurbished, public facilities renovated and environment improved, according to the Sichuan Road N. Subdistrict.

The buildings, constructed in the 1980s, are tucked away among the historic structures, where many renowned writers such Lu Xun (1881-1936), Mao Dun (1896-1981) and Xia Yan (1900-1995) once worked or lived.

The facade of the buildings will be repainted in red and white, similar to the historic villas and houses along the road.

The current flat roofs will be redeveloped with slopes to prevent rain leaking in.

Uniform awnings, laundry racks, air-conditioner covers and anti-theft windows will be installed.

"Though these buildings are away from the historical structures on both sides of the Duolun Road, the image of the whole community will be largely improved with the project," an official with the subdistrict said.

The authority will also revamp the corridors, walls, ceilings and stairways in public areas. The rusty handrails will be cleaned, while the floors will be paved with anti-slip tiles.

The authority is soliciting opinions from the residents for more renovations in the neighborhood.

The current condition of one of the old apartment buildings and an artist's impression of the renovation.

The entrance to the 201 Duolun Road community is tucked away among the historical villas and buildings on Duolun Road.

The subdistrict plans to renovate a total of 27,000 square meters of old apartment buildings this year.

Most of them were built in the 1980s and are in poor condition. A total of 462 residents in seven neighborhoods will benefit from the projects.

The facelift is part of an effort by the Hongkou District government to restore the literary and artistic ambiance of the historic Duolun Road.

A renovation project is ongoing on the nearby memorial site of the League of the Left-Wing Writers in Shanghai which was established in the 1930s to fight Kuomintang repression at home amid a worsening international situation.

The British Neoclassic style garden villa, a listed heritage structure, was built in 1924 and converted into the exhibition site in December 2001.

The renovation will mainly repair leaks, eliminate termites and fix many broken parts to restore its original look.

The third floor of the building, which is currently used as offices, will be opened to the public.

Many newly received exhibits donated by the descendants of left-wing writers in recent years will be displayed in the expanded exhibition space, according to the district's culture bureau.

The current condition of the stairway of one of the old apartment buildings.

An artistic rendition of the renovation.

Source: SHINE

Editor: Yang Meiping

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