Shanghai Museum to feed on real-time data for research


Shanghai Museum is using technology to good use, creating a digital platform to serve three main areas — collections, research and promotion.

The data-supported digital platform will not only allow the museum to get a feedback on the real-time flow of the visitors, but their movement across the building will help the curators to identify popular exhibits that can help in future exhibitions.

The museum’s “Digitalized Humanity of Dong Qichang (1555-1636)” program is a good example of how this new platform will help in the research and appraisal of paintings and calligraphy by master artists.

By using Google’s AlphaGo-like AI facility, the computers will learn and remember the techniques and styles of the Ming Dynasty artist from his many masterpieces.

The AI will recognize and distinguish the similarities between Dong’s works and those of other artists.

Art lovers will also be able to understand the subtle details of Dong’s ink-wash paintings and calligraphy by analyzing the features.

“We have developed VR for one of Dong’s painting which will be released later this year,” said Liu Jian, director of the museum’s information center.

Liu said the museum’s digital platform mainly focuses on app, digital tour and index of the collections.

Source: SHINE Editor: Xu Qing

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