Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

Location : No.79 Fenyang Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai



The main building of the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts, a French renaissance building, was built in 1905. Now, it has become one of the first batch of excellent historical buildings in Shanghai. At first, it served as the official residence of the governor of the municipal board of directors of Shanghai's French Concession. After the Second Sino-Japanese War, it was the main office for the Western Pacific branch of the WHO. After liberation, it became the office for Shanghai's first mayor, CHENYI. In 1954, it was the office of the Sino-Soviet Friendship Union. Since 1963, it has housed the Shanghai Institute of Arts and Crafts, and in October 2002, the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts was opened there. Now only does the museum exhibit tangible cultural heritage (fine art), but it also demonstrates intangible cultural heritage (traditional arts and crafts skills).First floor of the museum: exhibition halls and studios for folk arsts and crafts (with items like HE Keming's Shanghai-style colored lantern and WANG Zigan's Shanghai-style paper-cutting) and museum shop. Second Floor: exhibition halls and studios for carving (boxwood carving, metal carving, and many other materials, such as inkstone, porcelain, bamboo, etc.) Third Floor: exhibition halls and studios for tapestry and embroidery, Chinese opera costume etc. Chinese intangible cultural heritage of Shanghai-style dough-modeling by Mr. Zhao, and Shanghai-style woolen needlepoint tapestry.



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