Home of Mad. Song Qingling

Location : No.1843 Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai



Former residence of Soong Ching Ling, built in 1920, covers an area of ​​4,330 square meters, with a construction area of ​​more than 700 square meters, with a German architectural style garden house. After many times, Song Qingling moved in and lived there for more than 30 years. In this building, Soong Ching Ling received Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and other party and state leaders also received foreign ministers and VIPs such as Kim Il Sung of the DPRK, Voroshilov of the former Soviet Union, Sihanouk of Cambodia, and Sukarno of Indonesia. Ni Guizhen's oil portrait. On the table and on the fireplace are the bronze swords sent by Sukarno and the "Spring Blossoms" embroidery sent by Kim Il Sung. The gifts from the foreign heads of the restaurant and the living room are given by Mao Zedong. The East Side Library has more than 4,000 books in Chinese, English, French, Russian, etc. On May 29, 1981, Song Qingling passed away. On October 9, the former residence was open to the interior and established a tube. In May 1988, the memorial hall of the former residence of Shanghai Song Qingling was established. In addition to opening to the outside world, it is also responsible for the preservation, sorting and research of Song Qingling's relics and related historical materials and historical sites. On June 25, 2001, the former residence of Soong Ching Ling approved by the State Council was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit.



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Line 11 Jiaotong University Station

Business hours

09:00-16:30 (closed on Monday)

Suggeted Duration

Half an hour

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