Jiading Zhouqiao Scenic Area

Location : No.68 Shaxia Road, Jiading District, Shanghai



Zhouqiao Bridge was built in the year of 1245. Although this bridge seems to be an ordinary and small stone bridge, it has special significance for Jiading people. At the early period when Jiading County was established, this bridge was the center and the county seat extended toward different directions, and Jiading City has been gradually formed. Zhouqiao Bridge is a single-arch stone bridge, the bridge deck is wide and flat. The bridge crosses over Lianqi River (the mother river of Jiading) from south to north. In fact, the original name of the bridge was Denglong Bridge. In 1296, the administration class of Jiading County was enhanced, Jiading County became Jiading Prefecture. People called this bridge to be Zhouqiao Bridge. Around the bridge, there are also such ancient stone-arch bridges as Defu Bridge, Jichuan Bridge, Baoqing Bridge and so on. You can pay visits to them.



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