Jiading Museum

Location : No.215 Bole Road, Jiading District, Shanghai



If you want to fast know the historic changes of Jiading, you must pay a visit to Jiading Museum. Although the exhibition articles in the Museum are not so many, there are a great deal of precious unearthed cultural relics with the local characteristics. The facilities and environment in the Museum are top-grade among the county/district-level museums in China. Jiading Museum was established in 1959. At the present site, it is the new museum built up and opened in 2013. The landscape of the museum zone and the adjacent famous garden Qiuxia Garden mutually reflect to create the ancient and elegant landscape and atmosphere. The Museum consists of display of Jiading history, display of collected cultural relics and special exhibition hall. You can start your visit from the evolution track of Jiading history in past 800 years, and then you can watch such cultural relics as ancient bronze ware, pottery ware, calligraphy and painting works, jade articles, currencies, bamboo, wood, elephant teeth and corn articles and so on. Among these cultural relics, there are such fine collected articles as animal-face pattern Jue (an ancient wine vessel with three legs and a loop handle) in Shang Dynasty, go-through engraved person bamboo engraving brush pot of Sansong style in Ming Dynasty, collected calligraphy and painting works of Chen Chun in Ming Dynasty and so on. In Jiading Museum, special exhibitions of the cultural relics from the other museums are frequently held. You can pay attention to the Wechat official and public account of the Museum and know the details of the special exhibitions.



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