Han Tianheng Art Gallery

Location : No.70 Bole Road, Jiading District, Shanghai



Han Tianheng Art Museum is located at the zone named "Xianchang", where there has been a textile mill with a history of more than 70 years. Presently, the zone is reformed and becomes the fashionable culture business development zone.In the Art Museum, the life stories and artistic works of Han Tianheng (a famous calligraphy artist) are displayed and exhibited. Han Tianheng's native place is Suzhou and he was born in Shanghai. He presently acts as the vice director of Xiling Society of Seal Arts and chief consultant of Shanghai Calligraphy Artists Association. He has very great attainments in calligraphy, seal cutting, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting works appreciation and so on. At the 1st floor of the Art Museum, the life stories, classical calligraphy, painting and seal cutting works are displayed, and there are also books compiled by him; at the 2nd floor, there is display exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting works, more than two hundred collected calligraphy and painting works donated by Mr. Han are mainly exhibited; at the 3rd floor, the antique articles in the study and collected by Mr. Han are exhibited. In addition, in the Art Museum, the invited exhibitions of the artistic works of the other artists will be held from time to time.



Zip Code





Bus Jiading No.11 Bole Road Jinsha Road Station



Business hours

9:00-16:30 (Closing on Mondays)

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