GuYi Garden

Location : No.218 Huyi Highway, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai



GuYi Garden was built in Jiajing Reign of Ming Dynasty (1522-1566), is the largest one among the five famous and classical gardens in Shanghai. The garden name came from "green and pretty bamboo" in Classic of Poetry. The Garden is also characterized by green bamboo for creating realm. The environment in the Garden is elegant and quiet. There are excellent artificial landscapes in gardens in Southern China, the watching bamboo of different varieties is also attractive scene. In the Garden, there are also different flower shows in four seasons. Calycanthus praecox and plum blossom in winter and peony and Chinese peony in spring are the unique scenes. The most famous scenes are lotus and pygmy water lily in summer. When you carefully watch the flowers nearby the pond or have an overlook at the rockwork, you can find the beautiful scene from each perspective. After visiting GuYi Garden, you can go out of its south gate and taste authentic Nanxiang steamed buns in the Guyiyuan Restaurant at the gate.



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Bus Jiading No.111 GuYi Garden Station


12 yuan

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