Lao Cheng Xiang

One cannot visit Shanghai without knowing its origin and history. Located in the southeast of Shanghai, Lao Cheng Xiang is where the metropolis originated. In 1553, walls were built around the city as a defense against enemy attacks. Inside the wall was “cheng” (city) and busy streets outside the walls were called “xiang”, which is how Lao Cheng Xiang got its name. Extending beyond the old city walls, modern shanghai has grown into a metropolis in which the eastern culture collides with the western culture. Lao Cheng Xiang, however is where everything started.

Walking on the flagstones of the ancient streets, you can enjoy the grand halls and palaces in Chenghuang Temple. Crossing the Zig-Zag Bridge, you can see fish darting hither and thither in the water. Have a sit-down in a traditional teahouse, taste unique shanghai cuisine and you can experience the life of the old shanghai style.

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