Shanghai, a cosmopolitan city, a cultural mosaic, is where tradition and modernity meet. As we coast towards the Spring Festival, let’s experience what the big national celebration felt like in the past in this chic and posh place. Celebrate your Spring Festival the way you like.
Shanghai Happy Valley Spring Festival Carnival
Period: February 16 - March 2
Add: 888 Linhu Road, Songjiang District
During the Spring Festival, Shanghai Happy Valley will present east-meets-west New Year Miaohui (temple fair) which features Folkloric Intangible Cultural Heritage Performances, International Comic Shows and International Food Street. Fifty million lights, snow town, hip-hop music,dragon and lion dance, performers on stilts, zodiac animal display and parade will be truly eyefuls. There will be nearly 50 shows everyday. Comedians of international renown will be on the site to entertain. Flavorful snacks from various culinary regions around the world will be coupled with traditional Chinese handicraft stalls. Pick a riddle to solve and you have the chance of winning a prize. Yes, that was what most Chinese were celebrating their Spring Festival in their childhood.
Shanghai Disney Resort
Add: Chuansha New Town, Pudong New Area (Southeast corner of the intersection between Yingbin Highway and Hulu Highway
In 2018, Shanghai Disney Resort will celebrates its second Spring Festival after its opening. During the Spring Festival, it will present a wide range of activities and offer family banquets, New Year Happiness Bags and Spring Festival wares and trinkets. Get together with your friends and relatives in the resort, and you will be truly impressed.
Great World Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage China Carnival
Period: January 25 - February 14
Add: 1 South Xizang Road, Huangpu District
The “Ala Guonian” carnival fuses tradition and modern style by exploiting China’s intangible cultural heritage and Shanghai’s special cultural elements, intended to showcase the traditional festival’s true spirit. It will bring together the International Beef Carnival, culinary creations from Shanghai’s time-honored eating establishments and special Spring Festival wares, which will please your eyes, ears and palates. Other activities include Shanghai folkloric performances, parent-child entertainment options, bazaar, classic movies, star kitchen stage and VR experiences..
It’s truly a romantic experience to appreciate flowers in winter. In the case of plum blossoms, you will feel their sweet scents wafting into your nostrils though you are still far away from them. The verse “Sparse shadows reflect horizontally and sideways in the clear and shallow water, and scented fragrance floats around under the dusk moon” is the best description of plum blossoms and winter sweets. Let blossoms add extra luster to your Spring Festival celebration.
Shanghai Century Park
Add: 809 Huamu Road, Pudong New Area
Century Park is home to nearly 500 winter sweets trees of two varieties. The most eye-catching are 50 trees introduced from Mount Daba, Sichuan province by Mr. Chen Junyu, a winter sweets big-name expert. You will feel their sweet scents wafting into your nostrils though you are still far away from them. Their delicate fragrance hangs in the air while you stroll through the groves. Lovely buds explode on dark branches. You can feel the pent-up impatience of some blossoms already in bloom. Yellow petals conjure up the image of pearls when seen from the distance, seemingly ready to “cascade into a jade plate”.
Shanghai Zhenru Park
Add: 1894 Daduhe Road, Putuo District
The first large, open park devoted to winter sweets is home to a large number of winter sweets varieties, and each tree boasts a mind-numbering number of blossoms. In addition to some local varieties, there are also some coming from other Chinese regions like Kunming, Jiangxi and Zhejiang which are rarities and make for aesthetic contemplation.
Shanghai Dianshan Lake Plum Blossoms Garden
Add: Dianshan Lake Scenic Area, Qingpu District
The park located in the scenic area of Dianshan Lake in Qingpu District has evolved into Shanghai’s largest plum blossoms appreciation zone after years of expansion. Lengxiangting is a Chinese traditional pavilion where you can marvel at a rarity - in biting cold, red, white and green plum blossoms on a tree jostle for attention, attracting hordes of visitors.
Why don’t you visit the themed lantern galas at Yu Garden and Guyi Garden to appreciate the lanterns, solve lantern riddles and have a true taste of oriental cultural charms? In addition to lanterns, flowers are quite a sight.
Yu Garden Spring Festival Folkloric Lantern Gala
Location: Yu Garden Mall and its surrounding area, Huangpu District
Yu Garden Lantern Gala is one of the best places for lanterns imbued with Chinese Spring Festival flavor. Constellations of lanterns will be strewn in many spots including the Central Square, Jiuqu Bridge Plaza and Huangjin Plaza. Some lanterns depict Chinese zodiac animals. At the same time, there will also be a wide range of folkloric activities. Pray for your happiness in front of the Good-Luck Trees. Solve riddles on lanterns to the best of your ability. Restrictions will be imposed on the maximum number of visitors at a given point of time to ensure the order of pedestrian traffic. Pay special attention to the latest information released by the park.
Guyi Garden Spring Festival Lantern Riddles Gala
Add: 218 Huyi Road, Jiading District
Explore and challenge yourself with the matrix of lantern riddles dotted around. The riddles could cover many topics, including traditional culture, politics, life and entertainment. You will learn a lot.
CHINAONLY: 2018 Shanghai Children's New Spring Concert "Zootopia"
Date: February 11, 2018
Venue: Shanghai Cultural Square
“Zootopia”, children's concert, will come to Shanghai again. Popular theme songs of Disneyland movies, and beautiful movie shots will be coming to life thanks to the virtuoso and majestic rendition by N-STAR, a Shanghai-based indoor philharmonic band. Snippets of movie scenes will be screened, to the accompaniment of the band's live performance in sync. Both the music and the movie scenes will delight the kids, as the large well-orchestrated professional concert specifically zeroes in on them and is cut out for them in terms of both presentation and content. Bring your kids to the concert as part of the happy Spring Festival celebration.
MUSICFANS: “Spring Festival Overture” World Classics Shanghai New Year Symphony Concert
Date: February 18, 2018
Venue: Shanghai Oriental Art Center
With its repertoire of some of the most recognized Chinese and foreign classic symphonic pieces, the concert will be an authentic aural feast, including “Spring Festival Overture”, "Dance of the Yao", " The Danube ", " The Nutcracker ", “Light Cavalry" and “Four Little Swan Dance”.
2018 "Star Comedians"
Date: February 20, 2018
Venue: Concert Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Center
It sends best wishes to all in the Year of Dog. Bask in the radiance of some of China’s most celebrated star comedians like Shu Yue, Pan Longdi and Longhai who will brings us their farces and xiangsheng (cross talk) in cooperation with a symphony orchestra. In a previous session, the star comedians set a record by raising belly laughs 200 times in shows that last 2 hours. Get ready to laugh on the fifth day of the lunar calender.
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