Relaxing in Songjiang
Songjiang, 40 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, is a time-honored and culturally imbued district of Shanghai, the birthplace of Shanghai's history and culture. With numerous waterways and peaks, it boasts breathtaking sceneries. It has produced such great literati as Lu Ji, Zhao Mengfu and Dong Qichang. Here, cultural sites abound.
Songjiang is known as "Root of Shanghai", " Peak of Shanghai", "Head of Huangpu River" and "Garden Town" and is rich in tourism resources. In the new century, Songjiang is writing a new chapter for its tourism sector, exuding immense charms. It's a great destination for relaxation, attracting culture fiends and holidaymakers. Come to Songjiang for a relaxing trip, and you will be taken with it.
Leisure: Here is Songjiang
Songjiang is a famous fertile region in the southern part of China. It boasts Sheshan National Tourism Resort which is Shanghai's only mountain, Sheshan Cathedral known as "Top Cathedral in the Far East", Shanghai Happy Valley which is China's first chain theme park and Shanghai Sheshan Botanical Garden which is currently Asia's largest greenhouse. Rich in tourism resources, Songjiang deserves its numerous names like "Root of Shanghai", " Peak of Shanghai", "Head of Huangpu River" and "Garden Town".
Located to the south of Sheshan National Tourism Resort, this massive complex whose construction is jointly financed by Shanghai municipal government, Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Forestry Administration is good for scientific research, popular science and sightseeing and was anointed a national 4A scenic spot in 2012.
The 207-hectare garden contains four functional zones including Central Plants Display, Plants Cultivation, Plants from Five Continents and Peripheral Buffer Belt. The Tropical Fruits Hall, Desert Plants Hall and Exotic Plants Hall are Asia's largest greenhouses. Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is not only good for plant scientific research and education, but also offers to the general public a fun-filled tourist attraction with blooming flowers and flying birds.
Shanghai Happy Valley is China's first chain theme park brand and national 4A tourist attractions, and is a RMB 4 billion masterpiece built by Shanghai Huaqiaocheng Group. Put into operations on September 12, 2009, it had been visited by 15 million people by the end of 2015.
The 650,000-square-meter park contains 7 theme zones: Sunshine Beach, Happy Times, Shanghai Bund, Shangri-la Woods, Happy Ocean, Gold Mine Town, and Typhoon Bay. In addition to the attractions for all ages, various festivities also take place here every year, like Spring Comic Festival, Spring Outing Season, Summer Carnival Season, International Magic Festival, Halloween Season, and New Year Joy Season. There's always something new in different points of time in a year.
Sheshan National Forest Park is Shanghai's only natural forest tourist-centric area and a national 4A scenic spot. Extending 13.2 kilometers and covering an area of 401 hectares, the park contains nine peaks and 12 hills with a number of attractions like East Sheshan Garden, West Sheshan Garden, Tianma Park and Xiaokunshan Park, each of which is in a class of its own.
With its cultural heritage blending in perfectly with the environment, the forest park has become an optimal tourism resort for both locals and visitors alike.
This is a national 3A tourist spot, an exemplary model for industrial tourism and one of the ten top film shooting bases of the country, providing a lowdown on film shooting and interesting peeks into what old Shanghai was like in the past.
Nanjing Road, backstreets and lanes, Suzhou Creak Pier, warehouses of old Shanghai's four biggest trading companies and the bridges on Zhejiang Road and Sichuan Road are all a throwback to Shanghai of the 1930's. Take the old tram for a ride around and you will feel you are transported back in time.
This 87-hectare 4A scenic spot impresses with its nature and modern sculptural works of art. It contains four functional zones – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Pets are allowed in.
The Spring zone features the Fountain and Water Curtain Bridge, a coffee and refreshments service center of western style, the Crystal Palace built of rocks and stalactites and a stage on water. The Summer zone attracts visitors with its tropical beach, pool, boating wharf, carnival recreation area and children's smart square. The Autumn zone contains a uniquely shaped art gallery the bulk of which is underground where there are two spiral staircases, and plays host to art exhibitions from time to time. Beside the art gallery is a café. Qiu Yue Fang, the only high-end lake view restaurant in the park against the backdrop of lush hills, is located in the Autumn zone. The Winter zone is spiced up by a waterfront wooden bridge, quaint and elegant small pavilions, book bar, Yue Shan Hai (restaurant), Water Dance (music fountain) and Homa Moon Lake which is a complex good for dining, accommodation and business meetings.
Sheshan Cathedral, also known as the "First Cathedral of the Far East", perches atop the west part of Mount Sheshan. It was built by French missionaries in 1871. Trinity Hall - Notre Dame, Sacred Heart, Joseph - was built in 1894. Its renovation began in 1925 and was completed in 1935. It offers 3000 seats and can accommodate about 4000 worshippers.
The hall is of a variety of architectural styles. In 1942, the Pope of Rome named Sheshan Cathedral a "Holy Temple".
Sheshan Cathedral has become a famous holy ground of Catholic pilgrimage in China.
Conference: Songjiang
the first choice for meetings in the western suburbs of Shanghai
Songjiang possesses impressive resources for business events in the western suburbs of Shanghai. Five-star hotels include Shimao Le Meridien Sheshan, Sheshan Oriental Sofitel and New Century Grand Hotel. Shanghai Fuyue Hotel is a super-large venue for business events. Homa Moon Lake, a waterfront venue against the dazzling backdrop of hills, specializes in business meetings.
A wide range of well-appointed hotels in an optimal natural setting make Songjiang the first choice for meeting planners.
Located in Sheshan National Tourism Resort, the hotel impresses with its elegant Tuscany architectural style. It accommodates guests in 368 well-appointed luxury guestrooms and suites as well as 7 standalone opulent garden villas.
The hotel's large conference center has 12 multifunction halls, including a large banquet hall measuring 1200 square meters which can accommodate 1200 guests. To the west of the dpfont building is a 4400-square-meter outdoor swimming pool with an artificial beach, recalling an exotic holiday resort. With its indoor swimming pool, 3500-square-meter spa and sauna center (So SPA), fitness center (So FIT), tennis court and KTV venue, the hotel is the perfect choice for meetings, business parties and leisure.
The five-star property, which offers an operational area of 105,000 square meters, is great for business travelers and leisure seekers. It is located in the International Eco-Business District of Songjiang, Shanghai.
Fuyue Hotel has all kinds of trendy, posh and well-appointed meeting rooms of different sizes, a premier place for business meetings.
In addition to its impressive lounge, which is widely known as "Number One Hotel Lounge in Shanghai", the hotel also offers 1000 deluxe spacious guestrooms with floor-to-ceiling glass window, classy bathroom and state-of-the-art facilities attended to by well-trained staff always ready to provide thoughtful, meticulous services, guaranteeing guests a pleasant stay.
This cluster of villas located at the foothill of Mount Sheshan following the lie of the land takes up an area of over 5 hectares and offers an operational area of 9867.9 square meters. It is easily accessible and is an ideal place for business meetings, academic activities, travel and holidays.
Overlooking and affording great views of the Moon Lake, the largest manmade lake in Shanghai, the hotel is an oasis of calm amidst urban hustle. It's close to numerous attractions and entertainment locations including a national forest park and China's largest Happy Valley, blending in perfectly with the environment. The property is an ideal place for meetings and leisure.
Palatable culinary creations can even make the most demanding gourmands stand on their feet. French cuisine, Mediterranean barbecue and a wide range of Cantonese dishes and Shanghai dishes guarantee you an exceptional culinary experience.
The hotel is a great choice for events, which meeting venues measure 4500 square meters, Its top-notch conference facilities ensure that your events can go without a hitch.
The hotel accommodates its guests in 326 spacious, well-appointed rooms and suites, with each measuring 55 square meters on average. With their warm earthly tones, private balcony and floor-to-ceiling window that reveals thickly forested Mount Sheshan and Moon Lake, the rooms just give you the right vibe.
Set in a beautiful environment and easily accessible, the five-star property is the first of the kind in Shanghai run by New Century Hotels Group which is the largest private-owned hotel chain in China. With its impressive architecture, it blends international hospitality standards with Chinese influences. The hotel has 446 guestrooms and 10 privacy dining rooms which can seat nearly 1600 diners. Modern meeting facilities include 8 meeting rooms of different sizes outfitted with state-of-the-art meeting equipment, with well-trained meetings service staff ready to help at all time. Leisure facilities include a sauna center, a foot bath center, a beauty center, SPA and a swimming pool.
Homa Moon Lake, also known as Shanghai Sheshan Moon Lake International Conference Center, is located on east bank) of Siji Shui'an (Four-Season Water) in the Moon Lake Sculpture Park. This one-of-a-kind complex is set against lush rolling hills and fronted by a lake whose ripples catch the reflections of the beautiful environment.
Homa Moon Lake has a lot of expertise and experiences in offering services for big meetings, symposiums and high-end events. Its professional event planning team is always ready to provide the right services to ensure that a high level of creativity, convenience and efficiency can be achieved for all events.
Shanghai is China's epicenter of food-savvy cultures, and Homa Moon Lake will for sure bring the city's fine dining scene to the next higher level. The lakefront banquet hall on the first floor, which can accommodate 1000 people, features impressive artistic interior which will slay gawkers. It's an optimal venue for luxury banquets and private receptions.
Festivities: Songjiang's four seasons
Songjiang has something to offer in all seasons. In spring, flowers are in full bloom, attracting those who are taken with outings. In summer, various carnivals put visitors on a high. In autumn, "Root of Shanghai" Cultural Tourism Festival offers the best opportunity to watch chrysanthemums and eat crabs. In winter, visitors hike up to the heights for prayers or visit Punan for hot spring baths.
Welcome to Songjiang!
Festive Four Seasons
I. Spring Outing in Songjiang II. Summer carnival season
(March -May) (June -August)
1. Flowers: Shanghai International Orchid Show; Songjiang Spring Flowers Festival; Rhododendron Show, Shanghai Fangta Garden, Shanghai Zuibaichi Park; large swathes of peach flowers on both sides of Jiujiang Road; large swathes of pear blossoms on the banks of the Huangpu River; cherry blossoms in Shenshan Botanical Garden and along Chenhua Road; rape flowers in the fields of the Sheshan and Punan; roses in Shanghai Xiangwei Rose Garden.
2. Rhythmic Sheshan: Sheshan Lawn Concert
3. On a High: Happy Valley Outing Season; Shanghai Film Park Spring Fair
4. Bamboo shoots: Lan Sun Culture Festival for bamboo shoots picking and sampling and bamboo shoots shows; strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries, asparagus and vegetables harvest in the plants harvest gardens and along Xucun Road; mulberries collection at Yifang Agriculture in Maogang; blueberries collection in Lemei Garden in Maogang
1, Shanghai Maya Water Park
2. Great Lakes Water Carnival, Shanghai Happy Valley
3. Tianma Circuit
4. Shanghai Sheshan Children's Summer Camp
5. "Sheshan Wonderful Night" Summer Camp, Shanghai Sheshan Botanical Garden
6. "Midsummer Wonderful Night", Shanghai Astronomy Museum
7. "Tianma Countryside Club" Summer Camp
8. Various types of parent-child activities organized by Shanghai Le Meridien Sheshan, Shanghai Oriental Sheshan Sofitel Hotel, Volkswagen International Conference Center and Shanghai Sheshan Forest Hotel in Sheshan Tourism Resort
III. Xinbang Lotus Festival IV. "Root of Shanghai" Songjiang Cultural
(July-August) Tourism Festival (September -October)
Lotuses extend endlessly at Xinbang Xuelang Lake Ecological Park, Yayuan Garden, Lotus Commune and Fishing Pier. Stroll through the quaint town, experience the farm life and dishes of gruff charms. Catch lobsters in the lotus pool and pick fruits and vegetable in fields. 1. Magic and wonderful: Shanghai Happy Valley International Magic Festival
2. Fashion: Cheongsam Culture Art Festival, Shanghai Film Park
3. Autumn charms: Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden
4. Folk customs: Autumn Folk Culture Garden Activities, Shanghai Fangta Garden, Shanghai Zuibai Pool Park
5. Pets: Pets Festival, Shanghai Moon Lake Sculpture Park
V. Songjiang Shanghai Chrysanthemum VI. Shanghai Sheshan New Year
Culture Festival (October -November) Climbing (January 1 every year)
At Songjiang Wushe Agricultural Park, there's an extravaganza of over 1000 varieties of chrysanthemums. "Rainbow Chrysanthemum Field" is the biggest highlight. Expect a mind-blowing, well-layered formations of chrysanthemums. A number of chrysanthemum-centric activities are also organized, including photo contest, naming of chrysanthemums, flower arranging competition and flower painting DIY. At the same time, you can also pick tomatoes and purchase horticultural products and local farm produce. Hike up Mount Sheshan on the first day of the new year. Fresh air fields, rejoice and relax! Pray for happiness and gorge yourself on the breathtaking sceneries. Admire the views on the southern peak and the observation deck and sign on and pose for photos in front of the Wishes Wall. Put your wishes ribbon for the new year in the Wishes Zone atop Mount Sheshan. After coming down, have a cup of tea or participate in the charity auction at the foot of Mount Sheshan.
VII. Songjiang Punan Hot Spring Season (December -February)
Shanghai Pujiangyuan Hot Spring Forest Resort, which is immediately adjacent to where Huangpu River rises and which boasts large swathes of forested land, boasts quality mineral water 200 meters underground. Shanghai Xuelang Lake Ecological Park is Shanghai's first large hot spring site open to the public and impresses with its exotic tropical style of Southeast Asia. Watch flowers, take a dip and pick vegetables and fruits in Punan's Guiyuan Tianju and Xinbang Garden, and taste the farm dishes at Xiangwei Rose Garden, Lotus Commune and Fishing Pier. Yayuan Garden. Private Garden Resort Hotel is a very rewarding place.
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