Shanghai 1930's, Theme Parties of Shanghai Travel


Shanghai in the 1930's is recognized as the city's golden era. This golden era reflected the desire to catch up with the world and live in a world with a modern spirit. Today, this wish is being turned into reality with impressive speed & Shanghai is now a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis.

1、 The legend of Shanghai in the 1930s rests in the memory of the older generation and in the imagination of the young. Music, records, movie star calendar posters, silent black and white films were the symbols of the good old days. People are ever curious and strive to recall and relive those times.

2、 Imagine a unique experience from those bygone days. Where everyone is elegantly dressed. The men are wearing stylish silk hats, suspenders, suits, and ties. The women are wearing elegant Qipaos, gloves and high heels. Everyone socializes in an elegant place with old style rickshaws, gramophone, and staff uniforms depicting thatera.

3、 Live old jazz music and good oldie songs of that time will bring you back to the night life of 1930.

4、 Finger food of Shanghai dimsum style of a dozen varieties will surely please all the party goers.

5、 What kind of gifts are prepared for this theme party? Why not a CD of songs by ZhouXuan – the most popular actress in China 's entertainment industry, described as the Marilyn Monroe of 1930s Shanghai or the Chinese equivalent of Judy Garland in terms of fame, talent, and off-screen troubles.



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