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Shanghai Arts
● Duoyun Gallery Shanghai ● Liu Haisu Art Museum
● Museum of Contemporary Art ● Minsheng Art Museum
● Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art ● Xuhui Art Museum
● 1918 ArtSPACE ● M50 Creative Garden
● Tian Zi Workshop ● Shanghai Sculpture Space
● Creek Art Center ● Shanghai No.1 Art Museum
● Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum
Duoyun Gallery Shanghai
Add: 422 Nanjing Rd.(E), Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 63510060

Duoyun Gallery is an old gallery of calligraphy and painting in Shanghai with a history of 106 years.
Liu Haisu Art Museum
Add: 1660 Hongqiao Rd., Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 62701018

Liu Haisu Art Museum is a new national art museum in Shanghai. Locating in the west part of Hongqiao Development Zone, it enjoys beautiful environment and convenient
transportation. The museum is named after Mr. Liu Haisu, one of the founders of China New Art Movement, and inscribed by the nation's President, Jiang Zemin.

Most of the collections in Liu Haisu Art Museum are art works donated by Mr. Liu Haisu, which include his lifetime collection of ancient masters' paintings and calligraphies and his most representative oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, and calligraphies curiosities in his life.
Museum of Contemporary Art
Add: People's Park, 231 Nanjing Rd.(W)
Tel: +86 21 63279900

The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MOCA Shanghai) is the first non-profit, independently-operated contemporary art institution in Shanghai. Endorsed by the Shanghai Municipal Government and funded by the Samuel Kung Foundation, MOCA Shanghai is devoted to the promotion of Chinese and international contemporary art.

Managed by a team of local and international professionals with extensive curatorial and administrative experiences, MOCA Shanghai intends to lead in nurturing the appreciation of Chinese and international contemporary art and design.

MOCA Shanghai is a museum for the people. Located in the historic People's Park, MOCA will be a popular place for Shanghai residents as well as overseas visitors.
Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Add: 27 Duolun Rd., Shanghai

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art is a multi-functional and non-profit institution of culture and art. It takes “originality, academic and internationalism” as its guideline, and “inheriting historical culture, renovating contemporary art” as
its aim. Being the first professional modern museum of contemporary art in China, Duolun Museum of Modern Art seeks to exhibit the creative achievements of modern art.

Duolun Rd. was once the place where a lot of famous cultural figures in Chinese history, such as Lu Xun, created their literary and art works. Now the establishment of Duolun Museum of Modern Art will regain the cultural vitality of this renowned Rd. with the fresh modern idea and contribute to the lasting of cultural prosperity.
Xuhui Art Museum

Based on the culture with a long history behind it, the center is a public cultural institution composed of two exhibition halls, situated at No.1413 Huaihai Rd. (M), the other, Tushanwan Art Museum by name, at Tianlin Rd. (E). The Xuhui Art Museum′s objective task ranges over many fields in storing
exquisite works of art, carrying out academic researches, holding exhibitions, spreading advanced culture and popularizing beauty appreciation education of the public as well.

The Tushanwan Art Museum, No.8 Tinlian Rd (E), is a 3-storeyed oval building of steel structure, its high-standard exhibition hall accounting for nearly 1,200 sqm. As a multi-purpose public cultural institution, the Art Museum is used chiefly for displaying and showing both Chinese and foreign exquisite works of art, making artistic exchanges and carrying out academic researches. Modern, vogue and creative pursuit features the very museum by and large.
1918 ArtSPACE
Add: 78 Changping Rd.(Near West Suzhou Rd.)
Tel: +86 21 52286776
1918 ArtSPACE was originally established in 2004 in Shanghai. The basis and focus for art and culture-related events at 1918 ArtSPACE will be the works of Chinese contemporary artists, while at the same time looking to embrace the international art world, by bringing together the best works of Chinese and foreign artists to engage in a dialogue and exchange of art and culture.
M50 Creative Garden
Add: 50 Moganshan Rd.
Tel: +86 21 62663639

M50 Creative Garden, a characteristic complex of historical buildings from the 1930s to the 1990s, is the best preserved architectural legacy of national textile industry on the banks of the Suzhou River. The garden has introduced some 100 artists and designing units. They are from 16 countries and regions such as Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, Norway, Chinese Hong Kong and more than ten provinces of China . The designing units include art gallery, fashion design, plane design, architectural design, film and TV production and etc.

Tian Zi Workshop
Add: 210 Taikang Rd.

Tian Zi Workshop is located at Taikang Road. It is an old street dotted with local style Shikumen Houses, which is a symbol of Shanghai folk culture. The building was an old factory in 1950' s. In May, 2000, some 20,000 square meters
of the old building were renovated. Now featuring interior designing, visual art, arts & crafts it has attracted more than 70 units from 18 countries and regions.
Shanghai Sculpture Space
Add: 570 Huaihai Rd.(W)

The Shanghai Sculpture Space emerged on to the Shanghai art scene with its grand opening on November 11, 2005. Despite being hidden behind a mini restaurant strip mall on Huai Hai Road, the museum is anything but modest
with an impressive history and remarkable collection of Chinese modern sculptures. The restoration and reuse of this historic building represents a relatively new concept in China.
Creek Art Center
Add: 423 Guangfu Rd., near Wuzhen Rd.
Tel: +86 21 63804150
Creek Art Center in Shanghai is a creative home for contemporary art. Perched on the banks of Suzhou Creek and housed in a seven-story factory building of the late Qing dynasty, the Rong family’s well known former flour factory. You will find the Creek Art Center as a hidden treasure in a small back alley on the riverbank. Spacious, yet intimate rooms filled with a new and interesting agenda, gives the old flour factory a rebirth as an exciting culture house.
Shanghai No.1 Art Museum
Add: 1 Jianguo Rd.(M)

Shanghai No.1 Art Museum is located on Middle Jianguo Road, which is near the Bridge 8 and surrounded by the rich artistic atmosphere. It is a 5A membership museum, which is funded by many famous overseas artists. The museum is
separated into several different parts such as calligraphy, sculpture, jewelry, top cigar bar, etc. This place is a best choice for those collectors and experts to communicate with each other and appreciate the fabulous art work.
Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum
Add: 20 Huqiu Road
Tel: +86 21 3310 9985
Public transport: Metro Line 2 East Nanjing Road Station; Bus Line 20, 21, 939, etc.
Visiting Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 Tuesdays - Sundays Closed on every Mondays
Ticket: 15 RMB


Seated in the north end of the famous Bund area in Shanghai, the Rockbund Art Museum is an international platform for the promotion and exchange of contemporary art.

Considering its mission to be the spread of humanistic values and the promotion of art, the Rockbund Art Museum dedicates its efforts to the study, exchange and promotion of contemporary visual arts. Through diverse exhibitions and educational programmes, it seeks to use artistic means to stimulate discussions of topical and social issues in contemporary spirit. It also hopes that by providing the members of the community with high-quality aesthetic and leisure resources, it contributes to social progress and improve the quality of urban life.

As the only contemporary art museum on the Bund, the Rockbund Art Museum will benefit from its rich cultural tradition and mainstream location. Thinking creatively to carry forward the cultural heritage of the Bund, it endeavors to integrate art, design and innovation into an aesthetic space for a new Shanghai lifestyle. 


Minsheng Art Museum
Add: 570 Huaihai Road (W.), Bldg. F, Red Town International Art Community
Tel: +86 21 62828729


The Minsheng Art Museum located at the Red Town Complex, covers an area of 4,000 square meters. It was converted from a steel factory. The museum shows the work of contemporary Chinese artists represented by a range of galleries in Shanghai and beyond. Large installation pieces and video art dominate the first show and set a high benchmark for future exhibitions.

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